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Chinese Australian Early Childhood Centre

On behalf of the team here at CAECC I would like to thank you and Succeed Consultancy for your marvelous support you have given our centre over the past 5 months.

The organisation is outstanding and I will recommend your services to all.

Judy Kuzma ACT


Rose Cottage

The staff appraisal process brought out not only operating issues which enabled us assist the staff solve, but also positive feedback from the staff who were nervous at the start but ended up loving the process as they now have a plan of action to help them move forward.

From my perspective, I think it has also opened their eyes to the running’s of the whole centre, not just their own rooms.

So a very big THANKYOU Succeed for implementing the Staff Appraisal process at Rose Cottage.

Tanya Churcher NSW


Kidding Around Kindergarten

Before I decided to ring Succeed Consultancy my centre was not in a very good position. I had many staffing issues, debts were extremely high, wages were much higher than benchmark for childcare and my bank account just always seemed to be in the red.


There were times that I struggled to even made my loan repayments.


I previously had another childcare management company run my business but when I spoke to Succeed Consultancy I knew that I had the right people with the same aim that I had for my business “To be viable and profitable”


Succeed Consultancy commenced managing my centre in July 2008 and although they were coming into the centre with lots of work cut out for them, from day one that got straight into it. From the first day we did loose staff, but the key staff member our Director was also one that decided to leave.


This did not datur Succeed Consultancy and they were quick to recruit and stele new staff into the centre. Families and staff were able to see great positive changes straight away.


Staffing and administration procedures were quickly introduced, implemented and trained to all new staff.


The centre financials were also quickly and professionally dealt with and before I knew it I was seeing money in my bank account that was actually my money; not seeing a minus at the front of the dollar amounts was a feeling that I will never forget; one of happiness, relief and most of all one of the world being lifted from my shoulders.


I have since renewed my contract and will have Succeed Consultancy as life long partners of my business. My centre debts have reduced by five times the amount they were and it is rewarding to finally have a business that is flourishing and most of all making money.


I can not express enough how grateful I am to Succeed Consultancy for saving my business.

Frank Machello


Lynwood 63 Project

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Nicholas Rickard


Oz Kindy and Rainbows

I got in touch with Succeed Consultancy to assist us with the re-accreditation of our child care centres.


My absence due to my wife’s illness and the resignation of our Authorised Supervisor made it crucial to have someone to guide the staff through the re-accreditation process.


Succeed Consultancy initially came on board with one of my centre on a trial basis, only for a few days and for some short term work to review our system and the accreditation process.


I was very impressed by the sincerity, depth of knowledge, experience and overall training skills that they provide to my staff. I engaged them for my second centre and got them on board to manage the accreditation process for three months prior to validation.


With great on-going support, expert knowledge and training both my centres passed accreditation with high quality results.


All my staff have been taught lifelong skills and their confidence with accreditation has increased more than I could imagine, thanks to the great skills and support of Succeed Consultancy.


I have no hesitation to state that I will continue to work with Succeed Consultancy and trust them whole heartedly to assist us not only with our accreditation, but also in other activities within my business.


I am so impressed with Succeed Consultancy that I am also considering using their services in the initial launch of my third child care centre early 2010.

Ruhul Chowdhury


Turtletot Childcare

Erin Allen of Succeed Consulting provided consulting services to my team in
2008 and early 2009 as we prepared to open our new Childcare Centre in Bexley
– Turtletot Childcare.


Erin provided critical advice on all aspects of operations, and assisted with
the setup of all key processes, procedures, procurement of resources and the
hiring of the Authorised Supervisor and other initial staff.


Erin provided templates and sound advice on ensuring all the Regulations and a
High Standards were adhered to and assisting us obtain the initial licence
from DOCS.


Erin continued to provide advice and guidance from our first day of operation
until my staff and I were comfortable with the daily procedures.
Even after Erin had completed her time with us she has always been happy to
answer the odd questions and provide advice on situations that may require
some additional council.


The team at Turtletot would recommend Erin to anyone looking to start a new

Hassan Khochaiche


Blinky Bill Early Childhood Centre

I got Succeed on when I was experiencing staff issues and occupancy was plummeting. Succeed came on for staff management and support for 6 months.


At the end of the 6 months – WOW – our occupancy had grown from 55% to 73%, what a great improvement and that was only with Succeed concentrating on staff.


What a positive effect staff management had on occupancy! I have got a happy, content and high quality team.


From this stage it is not a surprise that I extended our contract with Succeed to full management.


From the time Succeed took on full management they built on my centres strengths in a holistic manner and in no time at all my occupancy was at 100%!!! If you want your Centre to experience its full potential get Succeed on board NOW!

Annamaria French



Canberra Childcare Pty Ltd

Being involved with Succeed Consultancy previously I had no hesitation in re-engaging their services for full management for an existing service that I purchased.


An existing service brings many different challenges.


I am pleased to have Succeed on board to help assist the Centre to settle into new ownership and to continue to provide high quality care for the children and their families. Without Succeed, the road would have been a lot bumpier.

Emil Bulum



Cheeky Cherubs

The first time Succeed Consultancy and I did a CCB audit on our Centre it took two full days.


By the third time we did it we had it completed in less than four hours.




Conder Early Learning Centre

In 2006 I took over as the Director of a Long Day Care Centre that had only been open for six months.

I had no previous experience as a Director and was not confident.

The owner of the Centre had employed the services and expertise of Succeed Consultancy to oversee his Centres and train his staff.

I found Succeed to be an enormous asset and professional at all times. They guided me through the day-to-day running of the Centre from staff training and development, policy development, licensing matters and Accreditation preparation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Succeed Consultancy’s services.

Carolyn Browne



We have a lot of new staff to the industry, as we are a relatively new Centre. Succeed’s trainers have a fantastic ability to deliver the packages to meet each staff member’s learning style.

Heidi Clarke



Crest Road Early Learning Centre

Succeed Consultancy has conducted all their audits at our Centre.

What can I say there was no pressure for me or my staff, I didn’t have to have wads of paperwork ready for their visits or send anything into Succeed.


They came each time in a non-invasive manner, assessed our current practice and policies.

Reports were all professionally done, with a certificate and achievable recommendations in line with latest theories, research and best practice strategies.


The best thing for me is that these audits are all indicators in the NCAC Quality Improvement Guide and knowing that we are meeting high quality indicators with Succeed Consultancy’s services.


As for the cost of the audits, other services wanted to charge $1000.00 + for their OHS audits – Succeed’s were a third of this price.


Succeed has a childcare background and their pricing reflects this knowledge and understanding that Centres face financial restraints.


Their affordable pricing when you are striving for high quality means that Accreditation now doesn’t have to take second priority.

Rachel Robinson



In Loco Parentis Pty Ltd

I have been involved with Succeed Consultancy since August 2006 when I contracted them for a new Centre start up in Melbourne CBD.


Succeed provided all start up materials including policies and formats which were individualised to meet our Centres needs and philosophy as well as coordinating all relevant government applications including a licence, child care benefit and accreditation registration.


Succeed proved to be timely, accurate and highly organised.


The whole process went seamlessly. I recommend anyone looking for start up support to take on Succeed for a professional approach.

Emil Bulum



Macquarie Child Care Centre

Our staff at Macquarie have been attending Succeed’s in-service training for the past two years.


Very interactive and real to childcare.


We gain so many practical skills and knowledge that we can REALLY implement back in the Centre.

Kris Dunstan



After doing a Succeed Consultancy OH&S Audit we realised our centre was missing some key OH&S procedures.


Our staff were enthused after seeing the Audit Report and quickly developed and implemented new OH&S procedures and we achieved HIGH QUALITY in Quality Area 5 on our accreditation validation.

Kris Dunstan



Nicholls Early Childhood Centre

Nicholls Early Childhood Centre hired succeed consultancy to audit our Nutrition policy and Menu this year (2007).


We were very pleased with the efficient way this was carried out, and found the whole process both easy and professional.


The suggestions for inclusion were mainly things that we were currently doing but they were not stated in the policy.


Succeed made updating our policy and menu so easy, they virtually did all the work, and we just needed to adopt the suggestions we wished to and omit those we did not think necessary.


This was the second policy that we have used Succeed for and we will certainly be employing them in the future when updating other policies.

Avis Kerr



Colin Seaniger, Owner of four Child Care Centres in the ACT and NSW, talks about his experience with Succeed Consultancy


I am proud to be part of Succeed’s growth as I was Succeed’s first client with two Centres that quickly grew to four.


Succeed has built from the ground up three of my Centres. This included absolutely everything – every policy, every format and every system needed for a successful, high quality and innovative Centre.


Succeed has taken care of all staff recruitment, financial accounting, staff training, Accreditation and Licensing requirements.


I know that without Succeed’s attention to detail, commitment, knowledge and experience my Centres wouldn’t be operating to the high quality they are now.


Three of the four centres are all in the mid 90% occupancy.


My fourth is still new and well on the way to reaching its full potential.


Through this success in all of my Centres, Succeed has proved their professionalism, dedication and call to action to get the results I am after as an owner time and time again.


One of my Centres had direct competition within twelve months of opening with a new Centre directly across the road.


Succeed had pre planned this competition moving in to the neighbourhood, with innovative and creative marketing strategies along with fine tuning high quality outcomes such as staffing, practice, presentation and concise systems within the Centre.


Our competition across the road has never been a threat – rather, we keep growing from strength to strength to the stage where we say “what competition?”


On the first day in 2005 when Succeed commenced at one of my Centres our NCAC Accreditation decision was received as ‘Not Accredited’.


With no time to lose, Succeed brought the Centre up to High Quality across all seven quality areas in a short six month timeframe using a collaborative approach with all Centre staff.


Twelve months in with my other Centre contracts Succeed was at the forefront of the planning stage for my last Centre.


What a privilege and a saving. Succeed came in at the planning stage and highlighted many design issues, which if I didn’t have Succeed, would have lost me thousands and I would have ended up with a Centre that did not comply with NSW Regulations.


The room sizes would not have been staff effective. With Succeed’s sound knowledge of NSW Regulations changes were made within the plans well in advance of the Centre being built.


Imagine how many thousands I would have lost in revenue through building alterations and wages.


I highly recommend to anyone that is planning to build a Centre to get Succeed in at the early stages to ensure you have a sound investment.