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Occupational Health and Safety

This package looks at our responsibilities. What are hazards, how to we identify, manage, minimise or exclude hazards in the work place. Are our environments safe? Keeping children, ourselves, parents and visitors safe in our Centre. Practical common sense strategies in regards to OHS in the workplace. (A very big indicator for accreditation)

  • The Importance of Play
    Reinforcing the importance of play; how play works hand in hand with child development. Looking at the latest research and how to create engaging play environments that are balanced and meet each child's interests, moods and abilities.
  • Music and Movement
    Where has the innovative music and movement activities gone. How to bring the fun back in your day and the children's day with creative music and movement activities. Exploring the benefits of aesthetic awareness to sound, instruments, rhythm and rhyme.
  • Introduction to Observations
    Getting back to basics in observation writing; what is an observation, why do we need to observe, how to write professional observations. How often should we observe children and in what environments. What are our legal obligations to the child, families and the Centre. How do we use individual and group observations in planning and programming.
  • Exploring and Celebrating Cultural Diversity
    An Anti-bias and an inclusive training package. Exploring cultural diversity in our community and Centre. How do we foster an environment of inclusion and acceptance. Practical strategies to challenge and educate children, families and staff biases.
  • Children Literature
    Exploring children's literature; what is appropriate and what is not. Ideas to promote literature in everything we do in our daily routines. How to create a life long love of reading and writing.
  • Child Development Overview
    A great session for new staff, untrained staff and a review for our trained staff. Explore the latest theories; what are the core underpinning child development theories for children in the Early Childhood years. How does this compliment your care giving techniques, observations and program strategies.