Products and Services

Sale Items

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  • Safety First: A Children's Service OHS Manual
    A comprehensive OHS kit to ensure you keep abreast of your OHS responsibilities, supported by a CD with formats for you to individual to your Centre.
  • Accreditation CD's
    A series of CD's with collated professional references for children, staff and families on topics such as health and hygiene, SIDS, safety in the home, dental care and more.
  • Illness Register
    A register to record and track illnesses within the Centre; highlighted a need for health and hygiene procedures to be reviewed and or to alert families of outbreaks.
  • Incident Register
    A register to track incidents within your Centre, assisting you to be aware of times or routines of high occurrences when incidents occur, highlights poor supervision areas and or practices.
  • Fire Drill Register
    Keeping all your fire drills and emergency evacuations in one book, no more lost evaluations when your licensing officer is present or on validation. A great tool to acknowledge each evacuations improvements
  • Maintenance Logs
    Keeping a clear register of your maintenance that is required, notified and completed, an easy booklet to start training your staff to enter into rather then on scrap pieces of paper and holding you to verbal "I told you about that".
  • Enquiry Register
    An enquiry register to make sure you never miss out on being able to keep in contact with families who enquiry about your service, a must have to assist you converting enquiries to enrolments!
  • Exit Register
    Why do families leave you, is the commonality to the reasons people are leaving you, a clear and concise record to evaluate your exits at any stage
  • Dangerous Products and Objects Register
    Keeping you up to date in what is actually in your Centre chemically and in danger wise. Keeps you on track for expiry dates and MSDS
  • Grievance Register
    A register to track and evaluate family and staff grievances; ensuring you are following up and always improving your service. A good way to communicate grievances in non threatening way to staff and or management

Posters- Procedures

  • Nose Wiping
  • Hand washing
  • Sunscreen
  • Nappy Change
  • Toileting
  • Self Serving
  • Food Handling

Service Items

  • CCMS Audit
    Succeed will audit all your procedures and your compliance with FAO expectations in line with CCB. You will then be given recommendations to keep records in line with FAO legislation in preparation for an audit from DEEWR.
  • OHS Audit
    A comprehensive OHS Audit which covers all aspects of a Centres internal and external environment. A written report and certificate will be given to the centre after completion.
  • Health and Hygiene Audit
    A comprehensive audit that will cover a whole Centres Health and Hygiene practices, including staff practices, policies and procedures. Recommendations and a follow up plan will be given to Centre along with a certificate.
  • Menu and Nutrition Audit
    A comprehensive audit that will cover the Centres Menu and Nutrition practices. Recommendations, revised menu and a follow up plan will be given to the Centre.
  • Presentation Audit
    An audit on how you rate on appearance, what are parents thinking about you and your centre. It looks at all aspects of presentation down to car park lines to your staff.
  • Community Profiles
    Succeed can do all your local research for you; highlighted the best and most effective strategies for you to get to your target market.
  • Marketing Plans
    A plan that is realistic, creative and innovative with a concentration on all the things we know that works.
  • Due Diligence
    Thinking about buying a centre! Does it really stack up to what you are being told, let us tell you the truth.
  • Feasibility Studies
    Thinking about building a centre?. Succeed can you give a detailed report and analysis in the area of your choice.
  • Operational Audits
    Existing owners, investors do you need a clean set of fresh eyes? how do you really stack up against industry benchmarks, performance and what strategies can you implement to enhance your positioning
  • Accreditation Reviews
    Do you need professional assessment, lots of hands or just some advice!. We have past validator's and a current QA Endorsed Trainer with NCAC on board. Remember we have never been involved with a Centre that has NOT passed accreditation.
  • Mock Validation Visits
    A mock validation visit is exactly that! Succeed will spend time at your Centre and complete a part or full Validation Report so Centres can gauge their current practice and procedures in preparation for an upcoming NCAC visit.
  • Self Study Reviews
    Succeed Consultancy is able to review your Self Study, make recommendations or changes to ensure a high quality self study is submitted to NCAC