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The staff at Succeed Consultancy commence management in numerous existing Centre’s every year. The first thing we come across is staff wages are out of control; the second item is there in no operational budget in place.


Staff wages are out of control each and ever time we walk in the door, the normal response is: my Director told me I needed all these staff, we only will accept qualified staff here, we can’t cut back hours staff will be upset and leave, the parents will be unhappy. With guidance, support and basic roster changes we are able to give owner’s a sigh of relief and give them the confidence back to why they chose child care as a business. As owner’s we don’t enter into this business lightly; the responsibility, the privilege to love, care and educate other people’s children is not an impulse decision. To play such an important role into the development of our future generations is an honour; one that owner’s take seriously.


Bankruptcy is the last thought in our minds; we have done the research, we’ve achieved finance to fund the Centre, we are excited and confident to how we are going to get it right and be the best in our community. Before long you are in a bind with out of control wage costs that you can’t seem to get out of, thousands and even hundred of thousands of dollars are at risk, you are barely keeping your head above board; the end of year is fast approaching with a huge decline in your occupancy looming.


Panic sets in; you put it on the market and your getting out of this game. Oh no! the market is quiet; experiencing a decline in sales with ABC’s demise along with other corporate owners winding up, we are still experiencing the effects of the global financial downturn. No one is buying; especially at the price you need to even recover your money back. Fear sets in; you are petrified that the money invested will be gone, you’ve made a terrible mistake to enter the child care market, and you may loose your house or other assets.
This is a regular scenario we see at Succeed Consultancy; with education, rostering and honesty we are able to turn non profitable Centres back into profitable Centres.


Case Study;¬†This year we commenced management with a Centre at 98% occupancy, it was barely breaking even. When we started wages on average every fortnight were $32 000.00, with staffing and rostering review’ wages are now at $26 000.00 on average every fortnight. This is $6000.00 per fortnight, a whopping $152 000.00 saving per year from now on. Occupancy has remained the same throughout the changes; every step of the way we care.


Case Study 2: Another Centre with a $100 000.00 in red in the bank; in three months with smart rostering and budgets they are now $ 20 000.00 in deficit. We have wiped off $80 000.00 off their overdraft in three months. The occupancy continues to grow.


How long do you think the above two Centre’s could continue to operate this way; before Succeed came on board they were heading down the road of being; yet another statistic.
The onslaught you imagine in changing your roster is just that an imagination. Managed professionally, honestly and in line with the regulations we can change your charitable non financial business back into a profitable and sustainable business.
What do you want; a profitable quality centre, or a charitable organisation or the ultimate bankruptcy.


Get help before you commit financial suicide…


Operational Budgets


My very first Centre I had an operational budget, so it has always been a core component for me with every Centre I have dealt with. To date in the ten years I have been managing and supporting Centres I have never come across one Centre that has had a budget that has been developed, there is nothing in place to use to make buying decisions and nothing is used to benchmark the Centres performance against. This is one of the very first things we develop; so we know where you are going every step of the way.


Through our regular audits we discovered one of our Centres exceeding the cleaning budget by $800.00 in one month; calculate this by a year it is $9600.00 over budget. This is money out of the owner’s pocket and their profits. We make sure expenses are within budget each and every month.

Succeed Consultancy staff support Centre Owners, Committee Members, Directors and Centre staff in:

  • Staff development, training and recruitment.
  • Accreditation preparation and documentation.
  • All Licensing requirements and compliance for NSW , VIC & ACT.
  • Industrial relations advice, wage rates and award interpretation for NSW , VIC & ACT.
  • Policy and procedure development and review.
  • Observation, planning and curriculum development.
  • Marketing your Centre effectively.
  • Cost analysis on your operational budget.
  • Networking opportunities for all service users.
  • Tailored training or in-services to cater to Centre specific needs.
  • A wide range of service products for sale e.g. policies, procedures, handbooks and various other tools.

Types of Services We Offer

  • Long Term Holistic Centre Management
  • Periodical Consultancy
  • Short Term Consultancy
  • In-services and training
  • Annual membership for phone support, up to date industry news and award advice
  • Service products for sale
  • With obligation free quotes

Client Testimonial

I got Succeed on when I was experiencing staff issues and occupancy was plummeting. Succeed came on for staff management and support for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months - WOW - our occupancy had grown from 55% to 73%, what a great improvement and that was only with Succeed concentrating on staff. What a positive effect staff management had on occupancy! I have got a happy, content and high quality team. From this stage it is not a surprise that I extended our contract with Succeed to full management. From the time Succeed took on full management they built on my centres strengths in a holistic manner and in no time at all my occupancy was at 100%!!! If you want your Centre to experience its full potential get Succeed on board NOW!
Annamaria French, Blinky Bill Early Childhood Centre

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Item Long Term Affiliation Short Term Affiliation
Fortnightly Consultant visits $22 800.00 $22 800.00
Financial Accounting $17 160.00 $17 160.00
Unlimited phone and email support $5720.00 $5720.00
OHS Audit $350.00 No
Food, Health & Hygiene Audits $350.00 No
Menu and Nutrition Audit $150.00 No
Individualised Policy Package with Centre logo: in hard & soft copies $4500.00 No
Individualised Procedure Package with Centre logo in hard & soft copies $1500.00 No
Staff training discount 35% $1200.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session each month 25% $1560.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session per month
Monthly Performance Reports $4080.00 No
Monthly Industry Based Gifts $700.00 No
Poster Set with 6 Posters $210.00 No
Succeed Website Log-In $1200.00 No
Monthly Director Meetings $3630.00 No
Total Value $63 550.00 $45 680.00
Saving You $30 550.00 $9680.00