Are you an Investor in the Childcare Industry?

Are you sleeping soundly at night?
Is your investment in good hands?

Investing in the childcare industry can be a very rewarding opportunity. Are you in good hands? Do you need an organisation that puts their money where their mouth is? Would you like a no risk solution to your problems?


The managing director of Succeed Consultancy Erin Allen bought her own Centre with 34% occupancy in 1999. In 2003 Erin sold her centre for a 700% profit at 97% occupancy. Since selling her own Centre she went onto work for one of the largest Corporate Childcare Companies successfully managing 80 Centres both in NSW and ACT. When this large corporate merged with another Erin left to start Succeed Consultancy.

"When I bought my centre I was managing it by myself with no experience in management. I like many owners were early childhood trained, but when it came to knowing what a good business was compared to a fantastic business I was left in the dark. When I fell pregnant with my first child I called upon the services of Peppercorn Management to assist me when I went on maternity leave.

When Peppercorn came in I couldn't believe what opportunities I had to refine and develop my centre. They taught me best practice methods and showed me exactly where my centre was placed through benchmarking. I used the services of Peppercorn for 12 months. They were a fantastic help.

Later I worked for Peppercorn and refined my management knowledge and skills further. I have personally taken the best out of two different worlds; an owner operator and investor."

Kind Regards

Erin Allen

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Succeed Consultancy staff support Centre Owners, Committee Members, Directors and Centre staff in:

  • Staff development, training and recruitment.
  • Accreditation preparation and documentation.
  • All Licensing requirements and compliance for NSW , VIC & ACT.
  • Industrial relations advice, wage rates and award interpretation for NSW, VIC & ACT.
  • Policy and procedure development and review.
  • Observation, planning and curriculum development.
  • Marketing your Centre effectively.
  • Cost analysis on your operational budget.
  • Networking opportunities for all service users.
  • Tailored training or in-services to cater to Centre specific needs.
  • A wide range of service products for sale e.g. policies, procedures, handbooks and various other tools.

Types of Services We Offer:

  • Centre Management; short term or long term
  • Periodical Consultancy
  • In-services and training
  • Accreditation management and mentoring
  • Audits: OHS, Health and Hygiene and Menu and Nutrition Audit
  • Succeed Support; membership for phone support, weekly newsletter and group discounts, up to date industry news and or award advice
  • Service products for sale
  • With obligation free quotes; no start up or exit fees
  • To develop new surveys

Item Long Term Affiliation Short Term Affiliation
Fortnightly Consultant visits $22 800.00 $22 800.00
Financial Accounting $17 160.00 $17 160.00
Unlimited phone and email support $5720.00 $5720.00
OHS Audit $350.00 No
Food, Health & Hygiene Audits $350.00 No
Menu and Nutrition Audit $150.00 No
Individualised Policy Package with Centre logo: in hard & soft copies $4500.00 No
Individualised Procedure Package with Centre logo in hard & soft copies $1500.00 No
Staff training discount 35% $1200.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session each month 25% $1560.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session per month
Monthly Performance Reports $4080.00 No
Monthly Industry Based Gifts $700.00 No
Poster Set with 6 Posters $210.00 No
Succeed Website Log-In $1200.00 No
Monthly Director Meetings $3630.00 No
Total Value $63 550.00 $45 680.00
Saving You $30 550.00 $9680.00

Client Testimonial

I have been involved with Succeed Consultancy since August 2006 when I contracted them for a new Centre start up in Melbourne CBD. Succeed provided all start up materials including policies and formats which were individualised to meet our Centres needs and philosophy as well as coordinating all relevant government applications including a licence, child care benefit and accreditation registration. Succeed proved to be timely, accurate and highly organised. The whole process went seamlessly. I recommend anyone looking for start up support to take on Succeed for a professional approach.
Emil Bulum, In Loco Parentis Pty Ltd

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