Are you looking to invest in the childcare industry?

Investing in the childcare industry can be a very rewarding opportunity not only from a business point of view but also from the knowledge that you have contributed to the development and growth of our future generations.

What do I look for when buying a new centre?

How do I start a new childcare centre?

What experience does Succeed have?

How much does Succeed charge?

What can I expect from Succeed?

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With so much at stake you will need expert assistance to get the maximum from your investment.

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What do I look for when buying a new centre?

There are many factors to consider when buying a new centre. The first and foremost is profit. You need to be buying a profitable asset - not hard work. The childcare industry at the moment has an unrealistic hype regarding the profit that can be made. This has caused people to eagerly jump in before proper research was conducted on the business, only to see them jump out just as fast but with a lot less money then they started.
Succeed offers a due diligence analysis service. With the experience of managing over 80 centres Succeed has extremely detailed bench-marking programs that can accurately place your new centre with industry standards.
Succeed provides a report showing actual and identifying any areas that can be improved on to increase your profit.
"The biggest thing I find when looking at a centre is the loss of potential profit through expenses and wages. These usually occur because there isn't constant review, knowledge or understanding of industry benchmarks". Erin Allen Managing Director, Succeed Consultancy.

How do I start a new childcare centre?

Is there a need, an actual factual need in the area you wish to start a new centre in? Or is it an emotional response to what sounds like a good idea.
Succeed offers detailed analysis and forecasting with experience that ascertains if there is a true demand for a new centre. Succeed Consultancy is not afraid to tell it like it is. Not pie in the sky forecasting, having set up over 20 centres from scratch Succeed has the true bench marking experience to give you realistic and factual knowledge before you venture into the childcare industry. Many times before we have told clients not to go ahead as the demand is not warranted.
If you are looking to invest in the childcare industry then Succeed Consulting can assist you from the very beginning of your project right through to the overall operations of management of your finished Centre.

What experience does Succeed have?

The managing director of Succeed Consultancy Erin Allen bought her own Centre with 34% occupancy in 1999. Selling it for a 700% profit at 97% occupancy in 2003. Since selling her own Centre she went on work for one of the largest Corporate Childcare Companies successfully managing 80 Centres both in NSW and ACT. When this large corporate merged with another Erin left to start Succeed Consultancy.

Item Long Term Affiliation Short Term Affiliation
Fortnightly Consultant visits $22 800.00 $22 800.00
Financial Accounting $17 160.00 $17 160.00
Unlimited phone and email support $5720.00 $5720.00
OHS Audit $350.00 No
Food, Health & Hygiene Audits $350.00 No
Menu and Nutrition Audit $150.00 No
Individualised Policy Package with Centre logo: in hard & soft copies $4500.00 No
Individualised Procedure Package with Centre logo in hard & soft copies $1500.00 No
Staff training discount 35% $1200.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session each month 25% $1560.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session per month
Monthly Performance Reports $4080.00 No
Monthly Industry Based Gifts $700.00 No
Poster Set with 6 Posters $210.00 No
Succeed Website Log-In $1200.00 No
Monthly Director Meetings $3630.00 No
Total Value $63 550.00 $45 680.00
Saving You $30 550.00 $9680.00

What can I expect from Succeed?

Succeed will provide a management structure that will be implemented in your new business that is backed up with regular visits, constant phone support, internet and email support. Succeed prides itself in maintaining a centres individual feel and service; we will not provide a one size fits all approach.

Experience you can trust

With the Director's of Succeed Consultancy having the experience of starting over 20 new childcare centres this problem was quickly identified. Imagine what the Centre would be like if nothing was changed. How would you feel as an investor knowing your new business was a V8 engine running on 3 cylinders?

Succeed, 15 years of experience

These types of problems are not unusual with new or even experienced investors in the childcare industry. Succeed Consultancy has over 16 years experience in the Childcare Industry If you are looking to invest in the childcare industry then Succeed Consultancy can assist you from the very beginning of your project right through to the overall operations of management of your finished Centre. The cost of changing plans and resubmitting to council was minor compared to the cost of changing a finished building.
The investor in this case went on to build another centre using the same architect but bringing Succeed in before the first sketch was made and giving Succeed Consultancy the final sign off to all parts of the new project. Right down to the power outlets, phone line sockets and shelving.
Succeed Consultancy offers obligation free quotes for all their services.
Investment in the childcare industry is a potential minefield. Can you afford not to use the service of Succeed Consultancy?

Succeed Consultancy staff support Centre Owners, Committee Members, Directors and Centre staff in:

  • Staff development, training and recruitment.
  • Accreditation preparation and documentation.
  • All Licensing requirements and compliance Industrial relations advice, wage rates and award interpretation.
  • Policy and procedure development and review.
  • Observation, planning and curriculum development.
  • Marketing your Centre effectively.
  • Cost analysis on your operational budget.
  • Networking opportunities for all service users.
  • Tailored training or in-services to cater to Centre specific needs.
  • A wide range of service products for sale e.g. policies, procedures, handbooks and various other tools.

Types of Services We Offer:

  • Centre Management; short term or long term
  • Periodical Consultancy
  • In-services and training
  • Accreditation management and mentoring
  • Audits: OHS, Health and Hygiene and Menu and Nutrition Audit
  • Annual membership for phone support, up to date industry news and award advice
  • Service products for sale
  • With obligation free quotes; no start up or exit fees

Client Testimonial

Succeed was at the forefront of the planning stage for my Centre. What a privilege and a saving. Succeed came in at the planning stage and highlighted many design issues, which if I didn't have Succeed, would have lost me thousands and I would have ended up with a Centre that did not comply with NSW Regulations. The room sizes would not have been staff effective. With Succeed's sound knowledge of NSW Regulations changes were made within the plans well in advance of the Centre being built. Imagine how many thousands I would have lost in revenue through building alterations and wages. I highly recommend to anyone that is planning to build a Centre to get Succeed in at the early stages to ensure you have a sound investment.
Colin Seaniger, Owner of four Child Care Centres in the ACT and NSW

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