Do you manage your Centre by a system or a crisis?

Does your centre run by operational procedures and policies? If not you could be wasting time and effort by managing your centre by things that arise. These can come in any form from a crisis to an excuse. Save time and emotional energy by implementing well structured procedures and policies to run your centre. If there are any areas of management, implementation of procedures or policies that are of a concern to you give Succeed Consultancy a call. Succeed provides tailored operational procedures and policies with detailed training that will see you achieving stress free centre management.

Do your policies need a review?

Succeed Consultancy regularly goes into Centres to find centre policies are disjointed, disorganised and sourced from several other centres. They are in no order. They are rarely evaluated, sourced or reviewed let alone reflect best practice or latest research theories. Succeed Consultancy develops tailor made policies to reflect your Centres individual culture and requirements in a systematic user-friendly package.

Do your staff work as a team or a nightmare?

Your staff are your Centre. How is your Centre? Is it a well-oiled machine or broken down bomb that is in desperate need of a good service or trade in? Succeed Consultancy will know from the moment they walk in the door of your centre. But everything is fixable with Succeed Consultancy by using fresh eyes and well proven staff management systems. Our Services include:
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Induction procedures
  • Staff appraisals
  • Training and managing effective teams
  • Communication strategies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Building team environments
  • Performance issues

Through Succeed Consultancy your Centre will deliver high quality care.

Does your centre comply with OH&S legislation?

"After doing a Succeed Consultancy OH&S program we realised our Centre was missing some key OH&S procedures such as a Centre self assessment. Our staff were enthused after participating in the training and quickly developed and implemented new OH&S procedures".
Kris Dunstan - Director, Macquarie Childcare Centre

Succeed Consultancy has a mandate to deliver the best and most legitimate OH&S programs developed by Childcare and OH&S experts specially for the Childcare Industry. We have developed a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety program based on Accreditation, Licensing and Work Cover legislation, requirements and regulations.

Is your Centre receiving all the Child Care Benefit that it is entitled to?

There is a general lack of understanding of Child Care Benefit statements, compliance and the acquittal process. This lack of understanding is costing many centre tens of thousands of dollars in LOST INCOME.
"The first time Succeed Consultancy and I did a CCB end of quarter claim on our Centre it took two full days. By the third time we did it we had it completed in less then four hours" Kellie Graham, Cheeky Cherubs. Parkes
Succeed Consultancy provides a training and support service to teach you how to do your CCB end of quarter claim in under 4 hours with an acquittal with no errors. Maximise your entitled income. Spend your time doing something more fun then CCB claims. Call Succeed Consultancy now to book a one on one training session that includes a full checklist system and step by step instructions that comply with Family Assistance Law for the purpose of childcare.

Does your centre comply with Family Assistance Office Legislation in relation to Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

Have you participated in the Child Care Benefit Compliance Audit, which began in 2006? When these started two centres that Succeed Consultancy managed passed with 100% compliance. The Auditors asked which other centres Succeed manages as there was no need for the auditors to conduct compliance checks. Our clear systems and Centre audits ensures compliance is upheld.

Does your Centre have a budget?

When you have a budget that your centre uses your staff become excited by the clear direction and planning a budget creates. Every time we create a budget for a centre we plan for continual equipment purchases down to the pens you buy. It is the simple things that make staff happy. Do you know where your Centre is at with a clear defined budget?
Succeed Consultancy staff support Centre Owners, Committee Members,

Are staff sick leave totals less than 3 per month?

Staff illness is really an indicator of your Centre's health, not theirs. Why we ask the question of 3 staff illness per month is to gain a clear indicator of staff moral and hygiene practices within the centre. Succeed Consultancy quickly identifies a high quality Centre compared to a Centre in need.

Do you comply at all times with licensing regulations?

Licensing regulations reflect a minimum standard of care. Non compliance results in a breach. Can your Centre afford a breach? Succeed Consultancy can assist through rostering of staff, attracting qualified staff right down to physical checks of the environment. At all times Succeed Consultancy promotes and assist your Centre to meet Best Practice.

Succeed Consultancy staff support Centre Owners, Committee Members, Directors and Centre staff in:

  • Staff development, training and recruitment.
  • Accreditation preparation and documentation.
  • All Licensing requirements and compliance
  • Industrial relations advice, wage rates and award interpretation
  • Policy and procedure development and review.
  • Observation, planning and curriculum development.
  • Marketing your Centre effectively.
  • Cost analysis on your operational budget.
  • Networking opportunities for all service users.
  • Tailored training or in-services to cater to Centre specific needs.
  • A wide range of service products for sale e.g. policies, procedures, handbooks and various other tools.

Types of Services We Offer

  • Long Term Holistic Centre Management
  • Periodical Consultancy
  • Short Term Consultancy
  • In-services and training
  • Annual membership for phone support, up to date industry news and award advice
  • Service products for sale
  • With obligation free quotes

Client Testimonial

I started working with Succeed Consultancy when I applied for a Director's position. The Centre had recently gone into receivership and Succeed Consultancy was managing the Centre on behalf of the receivers; Grant Thornton. At first I didn't like having another person overseeing me, managing me, challenging me to do my best every day and even some times bossing me around. After all I had been a Director before, I knew what I was doing. In a short time I realised wow I may have been a Director before but god I didn't know that much after all. I saw the great improvements that we were all achieving as a team, staff child interactions improved, more open and honest communication with the children, families and staff, the Centre was becoming alive with a sense of ownership and pride from everyone and best of all we passed accreditation with flying colours within three months from going into receivership with not a policy or program in place. The Centre eventually sold; I had new owners and no Succeed. Before long my great experience was turning sour and every day I became unhappier. I appreciated Succeed fully when they were no longer around, I didn't have my mentor at the end of the phone at any time to bounce ideas off, decisions off or just to have that someone to vent to and let my steam off. There were no more consistent fortnightly visits; with someone telling me what a great job I'm doing, what a great job my staff were doing or reinforcing our great practices, interactions and quality care.
After three months with my new owners I started looking for other jobs. I was thrilled when I saw an advert for a Director's position in another Succeed Centre. I was so excited I rang Succeed and put my application in straight away. For the last twelve months I have been traveling from the Central Coast to the North Shore on a daily basis. I am back with Succeed, happy and appreciate them even more these days and travel over three hours a day. What more can I say; I love and thrive of the support I get and wow I am still learning each and every day!
Cassie Willis, Kidding Around Kindergarten

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