Has competition moved in?

Let Succeed Consultancy show you how to blast the competition out of your sandpit!

A new corporate childcare centre set up shop across the road from a centre we manage.
We didn't panic. We just grew the business.
And we didn't spend a cent on advertising.

I’m Erin Allen, managing director of Succeed Consultancy. Our business manages and consults to childcare centres across Australia.


When the owner of the business discovered that a new childcare centre was to open across the road his heart sank and a feeling of panic set in. However this is a situation I have dealt with many times.


This new business would create an over supply in the area. A situation that is occurring across the country. The first thing we did was a detailed analysis of our service delivery. After rating and measuring all aspects we were able to create areas of improvement. The good news is that you can compete and blast your competition out of the sandpit. As you know the big boys have been blasted right out of the industry. Competition is heating up with more privately owned Centres people just like you, can you afford not to keep the bar high. Succeed will implement simple but effective internal marketing.


Succeed provides a detailed analysis of your business creating a report with exact steps to take to lift your service levels way beyond the competition leaving your families with no other choice but your centre.

Are you ready for the corporate downfall?

Internal marketing and service delivery is not only simple, but very cost effective with no need to waste money on advertising that doesn't work.

As a part of Succeed Consultancy services we provide ongoing measurement and control of centre's service levels. Always keeping your centre 3 steps ahead of the competition.

But make no mistake, Succeed Consultancy provides the best way to blast the competition right out of your sandpit.

Succeed Consultancy offers a 100% back money Guarantee with obligation free quotes for all our services.

Competition in the childcare industry is heating up. Can you afford not to use the service of Succeed Consultancy?

Client Testimonial

One of my Centres had direct competition within twelve months of opening with a new Centre directly across the road. Succeed had pre planned this competition moving in to the neighbourhood, with innovative and creative marketing strategies along with fine tuning high quality outcomes such as staffing, practice, presentation and concise systems within the Centre. Our competition across the road has never been a threat - rather, we keep growing from strength to strength to the stage where we say "what competition?"
Colin Seaniger, Owner of four Child Care Centres in the ACT and NSW

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Item Long Term Affiliation Short Term Affiliation
Fortnightly Consultant visits $22 800.00 $22 800.00
Financial Accounting $17 160.00 $17 160.00
Unlimited phone and email support $5720.00 $5720.00
OHS Audit $350.00 No
Food, Health & Hygiene Audits $350.00 No
Menu and Nutrition Audit $150.00 No
Individualised Policy Package with Centre logo: in hard & soft copies $4500.00 No
Individualised Procedure Package with Centre logo in hard & soft copies $1500.00 No
Staff training discount 35% $1200.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session each month 25% $1560.00 cost based on 4 staff attending one training session per month
Monthly Performance Reports $4080.00 No
Monthly Industry Based Gifts $700.00 No
Poster Set with 6 Posters $210.00 No
Succeed Website Log-In $1200.00 No
Monthly Director Meetings $3630.00 No
Total Value $63 550.00 $45 680.00
Saving You $30 550.00 $9680.00