Are you ready for the validator?

There’s better ways to be prepared for accreditation


Succeed are industry experts in the Child Care Industry with sound expertise in the whole accreditation process.


Succeed Consultancy has 100% record with centres being accredited. That’s right not one of our centres under our guidance has received a non-accredited decision.

Are you ready for Accreditation?
If you answered no to any of the above... Don't panic

Services we can offer you...
  • Consultancy one on one to meet your Centre needs
  • Audits; OHS, Health and Hygiene and Nutrition and Menu Planning
  • We have training packages developed to meet all the professional development indicator's.
  • Review your Self Study Report
  • Review your policies, provide you with new ones
  • Provide you with state specific policies that are sourced and dated in a consistent format to your Centre
  • Supporting evidence in preparation for your validator
  • Validation reviews

For Sale Products

Accreditation CD's
A series of CD's with collated professional references for children, staff and families on topics such as health and hygiene, SIDS, safety in the home, dental care and more.

Illness Register
This register is used to document Illness, Infectious disease and health complaints. This enables the Centre to reflect on patterns in Illness and hygiene practices. (QA 5.5 S Indicator, 6.4 and 6.6 HQ Indicator)

Accident (Incident) Tracking Register
Used to document and track Accidents (Incidents) with the Centre. To assist in developing safe centre practices through a monthly review. (QA 5.5 S Indicator)

Maintenance Log
A booklet to clearly demonstrate your maintenance requires and completed recording all your maintenance issues. (QA 5.4 HQ Indicator)

Fire Evacuation Register
A booklet for recording and evaluating Fire Evacuations. (QA 5.5 GQ Indicator)

Dangerous Substances and Object Audit Register
This register is used when auditing all Dangerous Substances and objects within the Centre.
(QA 5.3 HQ Indicator)

Grievance Register
A register to track and evaluate family and staff grievances; ensuring you are following up and always improving your service. A good way to communicate grievances in non threatening way to staff and or management

Posters- Procedures
  • Nose Wiping
  • Hand washing
  • Sunscreen
  • Nappy Change
  • Toileting
  • Self Serving
  • Food Handling


Safety First Manual with CD
An easy to use package that slips straight into your Centres practices to keep you, your children, your families and visitor's safe. The terminology is simple, formats flow and make sense. Meets all your legislative requirements and responsibilities pertaining OHS All forms are easy to customise to your Centre's individuality

Are your staff scared?
We find that staff are scared purely due to the lack of knowledge they have about the process and the steps in accreditation. Remember information is power, when staff are aware of how it all works and what to expect the fear turns into empowerment and knowledge. So do your staff need an in-service on;

What We Can Offer You:

Is your Self Study done?
  • Self Study Reviews
    Succeed Consultancy is able to review your Self Study, make recommendations or changes to ensure a high quality self study is submitted to NCAC

Have you a validation visit soon?

  • Accreditation Reviews
    Do you need professional assessment, lots of hands or just some advice!. We have past validator's and a current QA Endorsed Trainer with NCAC on board. Remember we have never been involved with a Centre that has NOT passed accreditation.
  • Mock Validation Visits
    A mock validation visit is exactly that! Succeed will spend time at your Centre and complete a part or full Validation Report so Centres can gauge their current practice and procedures in preparation for an upcoming NCAC visit.

Do you need a check up on your policies?
Succeed is proud to say we have over 60 policies on our data base that are regularly reviewed and guaranteed to be up to date and relevant with legislation, licensing , research and best practice. We don't review our policies annually rather we do it consistently every six months for generic policies, every three months for health, hygiene and safety polices. Our polices are all dated and sourced.
You can let us do all the work for you

Individual Policy Work

Individual Policy Review
Succeed Consultancy can review individual policies to ensure your Centre is meeting all National Childcare Accreditation Council and State Licensing Standards. A report will be supplied to the Centre along with the returned policies with recommendations and additions to update their own policies.

Succeed Policy
Succeed Consultancy's specific policies can be used as a reference point when developing Centres policies. The Centre will need to individualise these policies to reflect the Centres uniqueness. Succeed is also able to update these policies for you.

Policy Packs

Whole Policy Pack Review
Succeed Consultancy can review your current Policy Pack to ensure your Centre is meeting all National Childcare Accreditation Council and State Licensing Standards. A report will be supplied to the Centre along with the returned policies with recommendations and additions for Centres to review and update their own Polices and practices.

Customised Policy Pack
A customised Policy pack will be a combination of your current centres and Succeed Consultancy Policies. All Policies will be developed in conjunction with the Centre. No hassle and no worries for you - Succeed takes care of everything. Succeed will individualise these policies to reflect the Centres uniqueness.

Succeed Policy, Procedure & Format Pack
Succeed Consultancy will individualise polices specific to the centres uniqueness. These policies and procedures will be accompanied with related formats and forms. Ideal for a new centre or if you are after a total revamp.

Succeed Consultancy is here to help you?

100% Money Back Guarantee*
If Succeed Consultancy does not receive an accredited decision with NCAC; we give you all your money back.
We take on all the risk, giving you confidence, and ensuring you actually get results from an organisation that puts their money where their mouth is.

  • Conditions Apply: For Accreditation Only. You need to be six weeks out from validation to be eligible. Our systems must be followed through the consistent completion of the management agenda's

It is noted since September 2005 when Succeed Consultancy commenced; Succeed Consultancy has always received an accredited decision status with every Centre they have worked with either in long term, short term or core accreditation consultancy. Succeed has worked with over 200 Centres since they began operations.


"We, Nicholls Early Childhood Centre, hired Succeed Consultancy to audit our Nutrition Policy and Menu. We are very pleased with the efficient way this was carried out, and found the whole process both easy and professional. The suggestions for inclusion were mainly things that we are currently did it our daily practice, but they were not stated in our polices. Succeed made updating our policy and menu so easy, they virtually did all the work, and we just needed to adopt the suggestions .This is the second time now that I have used Succeed and I will certainly be employing them in the future when updating other policies."

Avis Kerr Nicholls Early Childhood Centre ACT

"Our staff at Macquarie have been attending Succeed's in-service training for the past two and a half years. . Very interactive and real to child care. We gain so many practical skills and knowledge that we can REALLY implement back into the Centre."

Kris Dunstan, Director. Macquarie Child Care Centre ACT

"Succeed Consultancy has conducted all their audits at our Centre. What can I say there was no pressure for me or my staff, I didn't have to have wads of paperwork ready for their visits or send anything into Succeed. They came each time in a non-invasive manner, assessed our current practice and policies. Reports were all professionally done, with a certificate and achievable recommendations in line with latest theories, research and best practice strategies. The best thing for me is that these audits are all indicators in the NCAC Quality Improvement Guide and knowing that we are meeting high quality indicators with Succeed Consultancy's services. As for the cost of the audits, other services wanted to charge $1000.00 + for their OHS audits - Succeed's are a third of this price. Succeed has a child care background and their pricing reflects this knowledge and understanding that Centres face financial restraints. Their affordable pricing when you are striving for high quality means that Accreditation now doesn't have to take second priority"
Rachel Robinson Crest Road Early Learning Queanbeyan NSW